Banking law

Banking law is our main specialization. Since the very beginnings of our law firm we have helped hundreds of satisfied Clients. We successfully represent them in difficult proceedings against the banks. The “Swiss Franc loans” affair in Poland has proven, that financial institutions do not always work as they should. These cases are not bound for failure!

Appropriate knowledge, skill and a team of professionals is more than enough, and in LexNord we do not lack any of these!

The scope of our action within the banking law field includes, among other issues, preparation of revocations and complaints against banks’ decisions. We offer:

  • representation of our Clients in court;
  • legal aid within widely considered banking law;
  • legal feedback concerning banking law and financing;
  • evaluation of sample contracts and regulations of services provision;
  • analysis of documentation concerning financing;
  • debt restructuring consulting
  • leading of court proceedings, which subjects include various banking products, such as credit agreements

The law can work in your best interest and the banks must abide it. LexNord – a trustworthy law firm! We provide efficient aid in cases related to banking law and we fiercely fight for our Clients’ benefit. We stand on people’s side.