Civil Law

LexNord law firm offer professional help and counsel within widely concerned civil law. Our Clients are represented in the court of law and before the Supreme Court. Additionally, we conduct corporate court proceedings, proceedings for payment, compensation and within the field of personal data protection. How may we aid you?

Our law firm offers comprehensive services and legal care. Within civil law we offer:

  • making claims for payment;
  • objecting to the order for payment and taking into account the objections to the order for payment;
  • preparing summons and objections to e-court;
  • representation of our Clients in court;
  • counsel concerning abidance of consumers’ rights by entrepreneurs in case of sales led outside of company’s premises or with the aid of remote communication (such as online sales);
  • analysis of legal documentation, including projects, contracts, regulations and statutes;
  • aid with evaluation of documentation, such as data processing safety, guidelines for IT management system, privacy policy, authorization to process personal data and agreements and data processing entrusting agreements;
  • preparation, negotiation and revision of contracts such as: cooperation contracts, sales contracts, deliveries, contract agreements, specific-task contracts, marketing and advertising services contracts, renting of office premises contracts, lease and others.