Compensation Issues

Transport and work related accidents might happen to anyone. The system, however, does not always work in our interest which often causes situations in which the insurer is not as willing to pay the insurance out as he is willing to charge for it. This is where we show up. LexNord legal office aids in investigating optimal compensation for material and personal loses.

Our law firm works within transport compensation field. We offer:

  • aid in receiving payments for injured passengers and drivers taking part in an accident;
  • aid in receiving payments for pedestrians, cyclists and other participants of road accidents;
  • aid in receiving compensation after the death of relatives in a road accident;
  • aid in receiving a full amount of deserved compensation, including receiving appropriate amount which is essential to restore the vehicle from before the incident;
  • aid to the injured party in calculation of detriment within fully comprehensive insurance policy, or winding-up of detriment from perpetrator’s third-party policy;
  • leading of winding-up proceeding, comprising pre-judicial and judicial level.

LexNord law firm operates within the field of medical errors compensation. We provide our Clients with:

  • aid in quick and efficient documentation of detriment and enforcement of compensation;
  • leading proceedings before medical adjudication committee of a voivodship.

LexNord law firm operates also within the field of work accident related compensation as well as compensation for other type of incidents which are covered by insurance. We offer:

  • aid in receiving compensation for detriment, i.e. one-time payment which is aimed to ease mental suffering;
  • aid in receiving costs return for medical treatment and rehabilitation, including purchase of medicine, hospitalization and rehabilitation treatment, consultation with specialists and other costs connected with transporting the injured to the treatment as well as transporting the close ones for hospital visits, costs for orthopedic equipment and prosthetics and other costs related to additional care in the time of medical treatment
  • aid in receiving pension in case of the need of ensuring health protection after an accident.

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