Copyright And E-Commerce (Law of The Iternet)

New technologies and e-commerce system are rapidly evolving and the law keeps on changing along with this development. We do not stay behind. LexNord provides legal aid to artists and entrepreneurs, who seek to develop themselves and their businesses without worrying about legal jargon and complicated regulations.

LexNord provides services in the area of modern law, which copyright and e-commerce constitute. We offer:

  • professional preparation of contracts and regulations connected with on-line activity, including portals, e-shops and other services;
  • help with the protection of intellectual property in the web;
  • consultancy of activity in the field of modern technology, e-commerce and startups;
  • counsel on the preparation and negotiation of contracts for computer systems (e.g. CRM) and programs;
  • preparation of license agreements and international agreements on software and hardware;
  • negotiation of contracts for the IT sector, including implementation agreements, for external IT services (outsourcing IT) and request for tenders;
  • evaluation of regulations and privacy policy for internet portals , online shops and mobile applications.

LexNord is a modern law firm, which supports new technologies and people who look into the future. We work for you to evolve!